Your VSaaS service is constructed from a range of modules and with bespoke software.

You decide the type of service you wish to provide. For example a simple record in the cloud platform or a system that receives alerts from detectors and CCTV devices (simple analytics).

We then build this platform. You can arrange hosting or you can let us manage that for you.

If you are using detectors and edge analytics you can filter these detections by addition of Machine Learning algorithms to look for human or other activity.

You can also link the system to control room applications with rules and policies that allow you to build a more comprehensive platform for a new or established control room. These allow the automatic handling of events based on the detection/time and user instruction.

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Optionally it is possible to allow end users to arm and disarm the VSaaS system

CCTV that only records activity is of little value. Bad guys know that the images will be looked at later so they do not care if they are recorded. They know that they just need to cover their face to avoid any repercussions. VSAAS systems that allow arm and disarm functionality are much more likely to meet customer needs.

Arming and Disarming the cameras.

Adding this option to the system allows the end user to select when they want to be alerted to movement or detection. This is possible by adding the arm/disarm option to the end users mobile application, by adding the Amazon Echo option and asking Alexa to "Arm the Cameras" . Voila!

It is further possible to build on the arm/disarm option with the control room software.

If you choose to use the control room software that can be set with a futher range of options that enable the CCTV to be used more proactively. For example, arming by timers, activity following the set and unset of the alarm system and by interaction with lighting and access control devices.

VSAAS is compatible with IFTTT.


USING SMart analytics to warn

The optional HaLO element allows the end users to have their activity alerts filtered by a deep learning algorithm that will look for and dynamically learn the view and vision of the CCTV camera. HaLO is developed specifically for event filtering and provides a low cost alternative to expensive and less active edge or separate external cloud based machine learning.

Static and dynamic detection

The HaLO deep learning algorithm is tuned to each specific CCTV camera and activity alerts set for each type of event. For example, humans or vehicles. There are a range of other options included in the optional control room package.


The system can be set to detect camera tampering, movement of direction and increased environmental activity.