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Get into VSAAS - The future of Security Systems and Security Cameras

You may have heard of VSaaS, we have been around a while.

In case you have not we are Video Surveillance as a Service.

We have built some of the leading VSaaS platforms. It is what we do.

VSaaS is the art of protecting people and property just using security cameras and the power of Ai and Machine Learning.

Security Systems and CCTV protected by strong cybersecurity.

VSaaS has been operational since 2002 and has protected thousands of properties, utilities and construction sites since then.

We build VSaaS to your specification and branding.

Let VSaaS build your cloud security cameras service for your security system or FM business.

We only sell VSaaS to security system and facilities management companies, apply today at info@vsaas.com

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VSaaS is much more than just recording

Activity Warning

Arm your cameras and be alerted when human or other selected activity occurs.

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Protect Home and Business from the Outside

Do not wait until bad guys get inside your property, reliably alert when they cross your boundary

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Fully Automated or Hybrid protection

Our robots allow your security business to automate the event handling process or connect to a manned security centre.

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VSaaS is Secure storage for your CCTV

The VSaaS servers are a fully protected secure location for your video and automation services. The network of image servers is invisible to the open internet and so provide reliable solution. The servers control access to your cameras enabling better security and privacy enhancements for home-owners.

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The cloud is fast becoming an accepted solution for home and business

how it works - The build process

VSaaS receives images from cameras and DVR - normally CCTV cameras.

You decide which style of service you want to offer your customers and we build and optionally host for you. Your marketing teams then sell your platform, at your price.

VSaaS is Video Surveillance as a Service. CCTV cameras (and NVR/DVR) connected to the cloud.

Video is recorded in the cloud and is available to view at any time. Optionally, when the cameras are armed (by time, application or web interface) our robots will monitor the activity and send those alerts to your customers automatically or through your security control room - false alarm free.

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VSaaS is ideal for small business or home protection.

Using VSaaS to protect utility networks

Even the smallest utility station is vulnerable, from solar farms to pumping stations, from mobile telephone masts to electricity substations. VSaaS enables the installation of camera only solutions with little maintenance requirement and with the highest level of reliability.

The most effective solution for utility stations is also the cheapest.

Using VSaaS to protect construction

Construction sites prove difficult to protect. Often in remote locations and with little in the way of boundary protection. VSaaS cameras are low-cost and easily installed. They work at low voltage and can be connected to 4G and 5G networks with ease. The machine learning algorithm avoids unnecessary and costly visits from guarding companies.

product progress timeline

VSaaS has been in development since 2002









An idea was born

Panasonic send to VSaaS their first IP enabled CCTV cameras.

Owners purchase network from failed carrier.

Integration with embryo AWS

VSaaS adapts its security code to AWS services and provides protection to major retailer.

Additional funding

Investors provide additional funding to develop applications and access to security integration software.

VSaaS acquisition

VSaaS acquired by current owners.







Product launched!

VSaaS relaunched with new interface and improved camera connectivity. Including camera connection testing and better reverse image security.

Second Round Funding

Deep Learning Algorithm applied to images received from cameras when armed. Reducing false alarms passed to monitoring stations.

Overseas agencies updated

New terms agreed and more AWS regions opened for system. VSaaS becomes Azure component.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Of course each project is different. We do have an off the shelf model or you can specify what your service should look like. Typically a VSaaS project is between $100k and 300k plus an annual support charge and service.

How quickly can this be done?

Once we have completed a specification we can build a platform in typically six months. Then you test and implement. Our boiler-plate service is much quicker.

Can I use any Cloud server farm for my project?

  •   Yes you can.
  •   We have profiles for AWS ready to go.
  •  The system is built on a traditional Linux backbone so you can even host yourself.

Can we integrate to billing platforms?

Yes you can.